Marco Salvatori



Crowded mountains: Long-term effects of human outdoor recreation on a community of wild mammals monitored with systematic camera trapping. M Salvatori, V Oberosler, M Rinaldi, A Franceschini, S Truschi, P Pedrini, ... Ambio 52 (6), 1085-1097, 13 2023

Rare and hungry: feeding ecology of the Golden alpine salamander, an endangered amphibian in the Alps. E Centomo, L Roner, M Salvatori, P Pedrini, A Romano. Animals 13 (13), 2135 2023

Effects of free?ranging livestock on occurrence and interspecific interactions of a mammalian community. M Salvatori, V Oberosler, C Augugliaro, M Krofel, F Rovero. Ecological applications 32 (7), e2644, 10 2022

Day versus night use of forest by red and roe deer as determined by Corine Land Cover and Copernicus Tree Cover Density: assessing use of geographic layers in movement ecology. M Salvatori, J De Groeve, E van Loon, B De Baets, N Morellet, S Focardi, ...
Landscape Ecology 37 (5), 1453-1468, 10 2022

Co-occurrence of snow leopard, wolf and Siberian ibex under livestock encroachment into protected areas across the Mongolian Altai. M Salvatori, S Tenan, V Oberosler, C Augugliaro, P Christe, C Groff, ... Biological Conservation 261, 109294 18 2021

Guest or pest? Spatio-temporal occurrence and effects on soil and vegetation of the wild boar on Elba island. I Greco, E Fedele, M Salvatori, M Giampaoli Rustichelli, F Mercuri, ... Mammalian Biology 101, 193-206 , 14 2021

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