Giulia Ferrari

Coordinatore GPMGPM


I am an applied ecologist interested in exploring the ecological determinants governing small mammal populations and communities and the implications on diseases' incidence and circulation. With a special focus on boreal and alpine habitats, I look into the effects of climate, environmental and global change on small mammals' population demography and community composition, which in turn affect the host-parasite/vector-pathogen systems. I gained a PhD degree at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences with a thesis titled "Small mammals in a changing world: distributional, demographic and behavioral responses to environmental heterogeneity with implications for host-parasite-pathogen relationships". I am also the coordinator and data curator of the bottom-up research initiative EUROSMALLMAMMALS, whose aim is to study the ecology of small mammals across the European latitudinal gradient. Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Fondazione Edmund Mach working on the effect of wildlife biodiversity, intended of small, meso and large vertebrates, on the hosts-vectors-pathogens dynamics.




1. Habitat Suitability Models, for ecological study of the alpine marmot in the central Italian Alps [2017]
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2. Footprint tunnels are effective for detecting dormouse species [2020]
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3. First Record of Hepatozoon spp. in Alpine Wild Rodents: Implications and Perspectives for Transmission Dynamics across the Food Web [2022]
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4. Food resources drive rodent population demography mediated by seasonality and inter-specific competition [2022]
Ferrari G., Devineau O., Tagliapietra V., Johnsen K., Ossi F., Cagnacci F. bioRxiv

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