Claudia Brunetti



I am a biologist and naturalist with a strong passion for ethology, ecology and wildlife management and conservation. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (University of Siena), a Master’s degree in Conservation and Evolution (University of Pisa) and a Ph.D. in Life Sciences (University of Siena). I currently work in the Central Apennines as a biologist and field officer for Rewilding Apennines.
During my BSc and MSc, I worked on the effects of environmental variability on intraspecific and feeding behaviour of the Apennine chamois in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park.
In studied the spatial ecology and the behaviour of various mammals in the boreal zone at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, gaining experience in tracking and trapping techniques. Fascinated by the ecology of cold and remote environments, during my PhD I worked on the morphology and various genetical aspects of the Antarctic terrestrial biota.


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