| 24 Gennaio 2019



Cogne is a well known touristic venue, therefore it has a variety of hotels to choose from with a wide range of prices. Lodging information can be found at More details and list of available hotels are with special arrangements will be provided soon on the ATIt website.


Being an important tourist destination, both in summer and winter, Cogne offers a great variety of restaurants at variable prices. A full list is provided at the following link:
Among the local dishes you can try the typical “Seupetta di Cogne” (soup based on rice and DOP Fontina cheese), “favò” (soup made from broad beans, Fontina cheese, black bread toasted in butter, sausage, bacon and pasta) and “mécoulin” (similar to the Italian “panettone”).


Cogne is reachable from Milan and Turin passing by Aosta.
Details on transportation (train and bus) are available at the Cogne tourist information website:
Aosta can be reached from the main Italian towns (including Rome, Florence, Turin, Milan Venice and Naples) with Flixbus service.


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