M'ammalia - a week dedicated to mammals

M’ammalia 2014 – The Sixth Sense… a new way of discovering mammals

The objective of the event, which has reached the landmark sixth edition, is to promote all those activities that will enable the discovery of the many different aspects of mammal biology, ethology and ecology, and at the same time focusing on those issues related to conservation and managing of these species, using a “sixth sense” intended as an innovative and even amateur way of tackling these topics.

This year the Italian Mammal Society (ATIt), the ANMS and the SISN will work together to celebrate the memory of Luigi Cagnolaro, Honourary President of the ATIt. We would like to invite all participants, especially those that had the chance to work with him professionally, to organise events related to those activities that Luigi dedicated his life to, with the passione and enthusiasm that set him apart from the crowd (conservation awareness, cetology, scientific museum research etc).

The ATIt Communications Office will undertake the promotion of the events before and during the week,

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Participants will be able to send their applications until Sunday, 19th of October to segreteria@mammiferi.org, communicating the nature and title of their event with a short descriptive text.

On our dedicated Facebook page, material such as iconographic documents, posters, leaflets and photos and more can be uploaded.  If any problems should arise, please contact Emiliano Mori (member of the ATIt Communications Office and in charge of said Facebook page).

The sixth edition of “M’ammalia. A week dedicated to mammals” is ready to be launched, promoted by the Italian Mammal Society and the Associazione Nazionale Musei Scientifici, Orti Botanici, Giardini Zoologici e Acquari (A.N.M.S.).

The event, that will take place from the 24th of October to the 2nd of November, will be characterised by seminars, short films, exhibitions and guided tours all focused on actively promoting peculiar aspects of mammal biology, conservation issues, the role of museums in awareness campaigns and research, monitoring techniques and mammal management, and interactions between mammals and human activity.

To better support a wider and more fruitful cooperation with both individuals and more structured third parties, and with the intent of highlighting the quirks and local specificities that distinguish each collection, museum or natural area,

M’ammalia will be promoted directly by those that have decided to adhere to the event, who will be able to receive support directly from the ATIt and ANMS.

The ATIt and ANMS will provide support aimed at helping the organisation and also finding potential speakers that can promote and manage the single events but that lack their own mammalogy research group.

Interested participants must comunicate the nature and title of their event with a short descriptive text before the 3rd of October 2011 to the ATIt secretary, Stefania Mazzaracca.

All participants will receive an introductory powerpoint presentation of “M’ammalia. A week dedicated to Mammals”

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