Best Paper Award

The Italian Mammal Society has established the Best Paper Award for young researchers.

Candidates are authors under-35 that have been published on Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy, or researchers that have obtained their doctorate in the last 7 years (although even those who don’t have a doctorate can participate).

To be considered, applicants must simply express their interested in participating by filling in the form dedicated to communicating with the Editor when they send their manuscript to the Journal  (step 1 of the online submission procedure, see Electronic Publication Guide).

In the event of the author that wishes to participate is not the Corresponding Author, their name should be mentioned clearly in the submitted form.
The “Best Paper” will be selected based on its innovation, excellence and impact on the scientific community (for example, number of citations). The prize will be given yearly, in the second trimester of the year considered as reference for the citations (ie the 2013 Best Paper Award will be given in the second trimester of 2014).

The Editorial Committee of Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy will be responsible for the evaluation process and appointment of the prize. A written statement will be published on the Journal’s website.

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