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The Italian Mesocarnivore Specialist Group (GRiMeC) has been established in spring 2018 as an operative unit of the Italian Mammal Society (ATIt) by nineteen members of the society. The group promotes the research, conservation and management of Italian small to medium sized carnivores.

Who we are

GRiMeC is a specialist group for the research, conservation and management of the Italian Mesocarnivore species, part of ATIt (Italian Mammal Society).

Mesocarnivores are not a taxonomic group. The term Mesocarnivores is used in the scientific literature to collectively indicate small to medium sized carnivorous mammals. GRiMeC was created with the intention of drawing attention to this group of mammals, including species of conservation concern, but also species of ecological, management or health interest. Despite some Mesocarnivore are quite well studied, for others the knowledgeis still scarcein Italy.

Main aim of GRiMeC is to establish a reference group of national experts willing to:

– promote the improvement of the knowledge on the Italian Mesocarnivore species;

– create synergies and collaborations for the implementation of effective conservation measures or management actions for mesocarnivores, to be applied at an adequate scale;

– encourage the adoption of shared methodologies for data collection and analysis, and the implementation of large scale approaches and studies on Mesocarnivore species;

– help ATIt to meet the requests for scientific contributions about Italian Mesocarnivore species, from national and local institutions;

– animate the associative life of ATIt and contribute to its aims by offering, as a group, an additional place for active participation within the association.

Organizzazione e contatti

Coordination (2020-2022)

Romina Fusillo, Emiliano Manzo, Antonella Palombi, Arianna Spada, Andrea Sforzi

Web page manager (2020-2022)

Giulia Luzi

E-mail: grimec@mammiferi.org

Mailing list: grimec-atit@googlegroups.com

Coordinatore Nazionale




Coordinatore Nazionale


[Marco Lucchesi M.]



Associazione Teriologica Italiana Onlus
Dipartimento di Biologia e Biotecnologie "Charles Darwin"
Università di Roma "La Sapienza" - Viale dell'Università, 32
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